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We are a local network of researchers and professionals in the field of learning analytics, which can be used to exchange and validate innovative ideas and to provide local access to research and expertise.  BayLAN was started by Britte Haugan Cheng and Josine Verhagen as a spin-off of the SOLAR network at the LAK conference in Edinburgh, 2015. The BayLAN conference will be a regional event to facilitate the exchange of information, case studies, ideas, and early stage research in the field of learning analytics.
We organized three BayLAN conferences before, one in February 2018 at UC Berkeley, one in spring 2017 at Carnegie foundation, and our first meeting in September 2016  at SRI.  
BayLAN 2018 at University of California Berkeley: 
All events in South Hall, UC Berkeley Campus
9:45 - 10:00
Registration and Coffee
First-floor entrance
10:00 - 11:15
Session I
Room 202
Overflow live streamed in Room 210
10:00 a.m.​
Welcome - Organizing Committee​
10:15 a.m.​
How AI Can Contribute to Next Generation Learning Tools - Marti Hearst; University of California, Berkeley
10:35 a.m.
Using Cognitive Theory and Machine Learning to Develop Game-Based Hiring Assessments - Erica Snow & Rebecca Kantar; Imbellus
10:55 a.m. 
Findings and Issues from Systematic Research with a Full Year Adaptive Math Curriculum - Jeremy Roschelle; Digital Promise
11:30 - 12:30
Session II
Room 202
Overflow live streamed in room 210
11:15 a.m.​
Designing an Educational Platform: Incentive effects and measurement issues - Ben Stenhaug, David Lang, & René Kizilcec; Stanford University
11:35 a.m.
Honor Code Violation Detection - Sanghamitra Deb;  Chegg
11:55 a.m. 
Product Usage Data in Comparison Group Studies of Edtech Effectiveness -    Val Lazarev & Denis Newman; Empirical Education
12:30 - 1:30
1:30 - 2:30 - Parallel Sessions
       Session IIIA, Room 202
1:30 p.m.​
Scale-Driven Intelligent Tutoring to Improve Coding Style - Nathaniel Weinman, Elaine Stampfer Weise, Michael Yen,  Antares Chen, Lucas A. Santos,  & Armando Fox; University of California, Berkeley
1:50 p.m.
Evaluation of Question Format in a Student-Regulated Intelligent Tutoring System - Shane Mooney & Eric Bomgardner; Quizlet
2:10 p.m. - Lightning Talk 
​Mapping Student Conceptual Understanding through Coordination of Diverse Assessment Moments within a Digital Middle School Curriculum - Ryan Montgomery, Eric Greenwald, & Samuel Crane; Lawrence Hall of Science & Amplify Science
2:15 p.m. - ​Lightning Talk
Teacher Professional Development:Social Networks and Influence Maximization - David Lang, Robin Anderson, & Hana Lee; Stanford University
2:20 p.m. - Lightning Talk​
​Impact Studio: A Student Data Visualization Tool to Break Down Barriers to Collaboration - Vanessa Kaskiris & Flint Hahn; University of California, Berkeley
2:25 - Lightning Talk Lightning Q&A​
       Session IIIB, Room 210
1:30 p.m.​
Dynamically Modeling Collaborative Learning Processes -  Lu Ou; ACT
1:50 p.m.
Evaluating Adaptive Learning in an Online Course Using an Open and Flexible Experimentation Framework - Andrew Ang, Ilia Rushkin, Yigal Rosen, Rob Rubin, Liberty Munson, Greg Weber, Glenn Lopez, Krishna Madhavan, & Dustin Tingley; Harvard University & Microsoft
2:10 p.m. - Lightning Talk 
Reasoning about Educational and Career Entities with Dense Continuous Representations - José P. González-Brenes, Irina Borisova, & Ralph Edezhath; Chegg
2:15 p.m. - ​Lightning Talk
Item Response Theory Deep Dive: Content correlated item difficulty - Karen Sun; Quizlet
2:20 p.m. - Lightning Talk​ Lightning Q&A​​
2:30 - 3:30
Session IV: Posters and Demos
Rooms 202, 205, and 210
3:30 - 4:30
Session V: Unconference
Rooms 202 and 210
BayLAN 2017 at Carnegie foundation:


1.00 - 1.30  Introduction of BayLAN and meeting participants 


We aim to grow a local network of researchers and professionals in the field of learning analytics, which can be used to exchange and validate innovative ideas and to provide local access to research and expertise. As a first networking activity, participants will introduce themselves. If you are attending the meeting, please complete a Google slide with your information (instructions and slide template can be found here).


1.30 - 3.00  First round of speakers


SRI International 

The Intersection of Improvement Science and Data Science: Examples, Methods, and Lessons Learned


Carnegie Foundation

Developing the Faculty Mentor Dashboard to Support New Faculty in the Carnegie Math Pathways



Understanding our System: Incompletes and English Learners


3.00 - 3.30 Break, networking  

3.30 - 5.00 Second round of speakers


Carnegie Foundation 

Using Multi-Level Propensity Score Matching to Understand Student Success in the Carnegie Math Pathways


SRI International

Rapid Cycle Evaluations and Learning System Data


Chegg and Kidaptive

Evaluating Outcomes of Educational Products in Industry: Case studies from Chegg

Evaluating educational games at Kidaptive.  


5.00 - 7.00  Drinks and networking at the Dutch Goose 

BayLAN 2016 at SRI international:

1:00 Opening and introduction of Baylearn Network

1:15 Lightning Presentations Round 1

Rene Kizilcec, Stanford University

Psychologically Welcoming Learning Environments

 Erica Snow, SRI International

Improvement Science Meets Data Science: Taking Analytics to the Frontlines

Hiroyuki Yamada, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Developing a data dashboard for faculty mentors to support new faculty in the Carnegie Math Pathways

Aaron Dewald, Quimbee

Quimbee: Introducing Learning Analytics to Legal Education

Kristin Stephens-Martinez, UC Berkeley

Identifying Student Errors using Constructed Responses

2:15 Break and poster walk

2:45 Lightning Presentations Round 2

Anita Bowles, Rosetta Stone

Academic Research & Learner Studies at Rosetta Stone

Larry Lagerstrom, Stanford Center for Professional Development  

The Myth of the Six-Minute Rule: Student Engagement with Online Videos

David Hatfield,  Kidaptive

A quick tour of Kidaptive's Adaptive Learning Platform (ALP)

Chris Piech, Stanford University

Deep knowledge tracing

Ravi Raju, USC

Teach2Educate : Empowering students to teach peers

3:45 Break

4:00 Next steps for BayLearn Network

4:05 Discussion panel:  “The role of analytics in

determining learner pathways”

  • Vic Vuchic (Digital Promise)

  • Howard Everson (SRI International)

  • Zachary Pardos (UC Berkeley)

  • Candace Thille (Stanford University)

5:00 Drinks and networking at Sultana  (Cash bar)