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BayLAN 2017

Carnegie Foundation

1.00 - 1.30  Introduction of BayLAN and meeting participants 


We aim to grow a local network of researchers and professionals in the field of learning analytics, which can be used to exchange and validate innovative ideas and to provide local access to research and expertise. As a first networking activity, participants will introduce themselves. If you are attending the meeting, please complete a Google slide with your information (instructions and slide template can be found here).


1.30 - 3.00  First round of speakers


SRI International 

The Intersection of Improvement Science and Data Science: Examples, Methods, and Lessons Learned


Carnegie Foundation

Developing the Faculty Mentor Dashboard to Support New Faculty in the Carnegie Math Pathways



Understanding our System: Incompletes and English Learners


3.00 - 3.30 Break, networking  

3.30 - 5.00 Second round of speakers


Carnegie Foundation 

Using Multi-Level Propensity Score Matching to Understand Student Success in the Carnegie Math Pathways


SRI International

Rapid Cycle Evaluations and Learning System Data


Chegg and Kidaptive

Evaluating Outcomes of Educational Products in Industry: Case studies from Chegg

Evaluating educational games at Kidaptive.  


5.00 - 7.00  Drinks and networking at the Dutch Goose 

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