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The Bay Area Learning Analytics

 Conference (BayLAN)

May 2, 2020
UC Berkeley,
Graduate School of Education

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Saturday, May 2, 2020
Berkeley Graduate School of Education

What is the agenda? 
Attend talks, browse posters, and participate in group discussions to learn from leading thinkers and innovators whose expertise spans the educational and technology communities!
Who should attend?
Bay area folks from different backgrounds working on analytics for education and educational technology. We target a broad audience of researchers and developers from academia and industry, education and computer science, as well as practitioners bringing everyday experience developing and using educational technology.
What are the goals? 
Share work, learn about new developments, discuss challenges, and build a local network.


"Equity in Learning Analytics" will be our main theme this year.

Session 1: Equity in Learning Analytics

Session 2: Application of Learning Theory in Learning Analytics

Session 3: Models for Online Learning

Session 4: Machine Learning in Education

Session 5: Efficacy of Educational Products

Please see the "Call for Proposals" page for more details.

Organizing Committee

Senior Director, Psychometrics and Data Science, Kidaptive, Inc.
Head of Academic Research, Rosetta Stone
Industrial/Organizational Psychologist
Research Scientist at ACTNext
Assistant Professor
University of California, Berkeley
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The Bay Area Learning Analytics Network (BayLAN) is a local network of researchers and professionals in the field of learning analytics.  Our purpose is to exchange and validate innovative ideas and to provide local access to research and expertise.  BayLAN was started by Britte Haugan Cheng and Josine Verhagen as a spin-off of the Society of Learning Analytics and Research network, which was part of the Learning Analytics and Knowledge conference in Edinburgh in 2015. The BayLAN conference will be a regional event to facilitate the exchange of information, case studies, ideas, and early stage research in the field of learning analytics.